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This ptc Ayuwage's sister, from the same owners. Online since 2009 without failure, all a guarantee.

The minimum payout is $1.00 for Paypal, Alertapy and Liberty Reserve. There is no limit referrals, and profits are 20% of them.

Its operation is quite simple, although at first sight is somewhat strange.


This is the main menu page, through Members access to the account. And then click on Start to access to the ads page.

It has a toolbar that advise you of new ads and kept for 10 minutes for click.

There are 4 types of ads with different value:

    View sites: 1+ credits

    Standard sites: 5 credits

    Focused sites: 15 credits

    Search sites: 25 credits

You can also earn more credits with signup options and surveys.

If do not follow the rules of the ads, you will be assigned with a warning, and with three it can suspend the account.

A trick that works is to click all the view ads of low value as they appear, this will make the next day appears high value ads. And though the toolbar is empty, you should visit the PTC also because sometimes does not notice.

Once we reach 4.000 credits, claims the payment of $2,00. It will take maximum of one week to arrive.

Last payment nº 6:



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