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This interview is provided by: www.ptcscrutiny.com

Garrett Rowland – the Admin of LinkGrand.

Another very successful site which has been online since February, 2007.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been working in this industry and how did you get involved with LinkGrand ?

I am 25 years old from the United States. I have been working online since I was about 12. I started just like most of my users, using any website I could to make money. Now helping others to make money online is my passion.


2. Besides obvious financial gain, what inspired you to open a PTC site ?

A very popular site I was using, that was similar to LinkGrand, just disappeared one day. I loved this site and wondered where it went. It didn’t return so I decided to build my own version.


3. Do you have a team/staff or do you manage your site on your own? Could you give us a little glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes ?

I play the biggest role, but do have a few highly trained employees to help keep the site running smoothly.


4. Which are the main factors you think are responsible for your site to gain this firm position and what has been your biggest success to date ?

LinkGrand prides itself on being fair to our members. We give a large portion of our advertising revenue back to our users. Most others sites are for profit – we are too, but it isn’t our top priority.


5. Let’s flip the previous question, what has been the biggest mistake you wish you had never made ?

Not keeping regular backups of data when I first started. We had a hard drive to fail, and spent weeks of nonstop work to recover from that. We wanted to do the right thing, so we re-ran all the ads and paid some members twice, which costs us a lot of money.


6. What do you think makes your site stand out from the crowd since there are literally hundreds of PTCs one can choose from ?

Many things. We have a simple site where users can earn cash easily. We have a solid business plan that allows us to continue forever.


7. Do you have any backup plans (considering you are dealing with just a single payment processor) in case you have problems with Paypal like account limitation since many PTCs have had problems with Paypal with the latest being MatrixMails (Est. 2002). What other resources can you utilize that can secure payments to members ?

Paypal backs LinkGrand 100% and we believe them to be a solid payment processor. However, if there ever were any problems, there are other similiar processor we could implement.


8. How have you managed to attract regular advertisers to your site all through these years when most sites find it the most difficult part leading to their downfall ?

Our advertisers see results and know that we are the best value for their money, so usually they keep coming back. My employees and I also work nonstop to promote LinkGrand to new users.


9. How do you feel about your major competitors like Wordlinx, ClixSense, MatrixMails and other established sites ?

Honestly, I’m not very familiar with any of them except Wordlinx. I think the owner there is a great guy and manages a solid program.


10. How secure is your site and members’ accounts from hackers? Do you have any kind of anti-DDoS protection ?

With a site like ours, security is our biggest concern. We want to protect our members’ money, as we do our own, and most of my time is spent doing so.


11. Are there any plans to further develop LinkGrand in the near future? Are there any changes or improvements that members can be excited about ?

Yes many and they are coming soon. When we first started, it was easy to make changes and implement them. Now that LinkGrand is larger than I ever dreamed, even the slightest change, takes time.


12. And finally is there anything else you wish to say which I have not covered in this interview ?

Thank you for the interview and everything you do to help inform users about our site!


 June 18, 2011


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