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This interview is provided by: www.ptcscrutiny.com

Mr. Richard Sturdy – The Admin of Wordlinx.

Wordlinx is perhaps the oldest Paid-to-click site still running strong (I know there are older ones but most are GPT sites). Wordlinx was launched way back in 2003. This October, they will be celebrating their 8th Anniversary – an amazing achievement for a Paid-to-click site.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been working in this industry and how did you get involved with Wordlinx ?

Rogue started out as ‘Zero Two’ back in ’02. However, due to a major UK mobile network using something similar, we had to change the name.

As it worked out, our new title provided a great new direction. The idea of Rogue defined a company that bravely led the way. Sometimes renegade, but always different. To this day everything we do is either completely original or an original twist on an established idea.

We’ve been working in the industry since 2003 when WordLinx was started. From our single concept of a high paying PTC, a whole range of bux sites and PTCs have now sprung up to form a completely new market.


2. Besides obvious financial gain, what inspired you to open a PTC site ?

At the time it was very difficult to find services that sold real, high quality visitors (not hits or impressions) that were affordable, so WordLinx was setup to solve this need for us and for our customers.


3. Do you have a team/staff or do you manage your site on your own? Could you give us a little glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes ?

I manage a team of freelancers and highly appreciated volunteers that work on everything from complex algorithms to moderating our forum.


4. What is your previous experience with a PTC (as a member or as an Admin) ?

I have no previous PTC experience. WordLinx started everything.


5. Is your PTC site your main source of income ?

WordLinx is just one of the services that Rogue provides, so the percentage varies from month to month.


6. Which are the main factors you think are responsible for your site to gain this firm position and what has been your biggest success to date ?

Creativity, originality and determination are essential for any kind of business. You can make a lot of money by copying others, but people will soon lose confidence if you can’t come up with anything yourself.

I’d say WordLinx’s biggest success is being online for nearly 8 years when most money making sites don’t last 6 months. We’re also very proud of our ability to create unique features like social media integration, that keep giving advertisers more reasons to spend with us.


7. Let’s flip the previous question, what has been the biggest mistake you wish you had never made ?

Hiring the wrong people. We used a programmer that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage and set us back months.


8. Which forums and blogs do you visit regularly to see what others are saying about your site ?

We find it’s best to not ‘read our own press’. If members are having problems, we don’t filter our forum or social pages for anything other than spam, so people are free to raise their concerns directly.


9. What do you think makes your site stand out from the crowd since there are literally hundreds of PTCs one can choose from ?

A combination of longevity, stability and unique features.


10. Do you have any backup plans in case you have problems with Paypal like account limitation since many PTCs have had problems with Paypal with the latest being MatrixMails (Est. 2002). What other resources can you utilize that can secure payments to members ?

Rogue is a registered company that has many other services besides those provided by WordLinx. However, WordLinx is soon adding AlertPay for incoming and outgoing payments to provide more choice.


11. What is your opinion about the "BUX-model” ?

Sadly, there will always be those who are out to make a fast buck and much like HYIPs, many bux sites promise a lot more than they can possibly deliver. It’s fairly telling that there’s now only one bux site we trust and even they are paying out much less than they used to.


12. How have you managed to attract regular advertisers to your site all through these years when most sites find it the most difficult part leading to their downfall ?

We provide a much better service for the same price or for lower than our competitors. Plus with social sharing your advert could go viral, generating millions of hits for the price of a standard campaign.


13. How do you feel about your major competitors like ClixSense, LinkGrand, MatrixMails and other established sites ?

We don’t consider them to be competitors as we have a completely different business model. They will always be ‘paid to’ sites, while WordLinx aims to become a unique and valuable internet property.


14. How secure is your site and members’ accounts from hackers? Do you have any kind of anti-DDoS protection ?

WordLinx is a completely custom site, coded from the ground up to form a totally secure environment without the kinds of problems caused by cheap scripts. It is hosted on a solid network framework, monitored 24 hours a day to protect against DDOS and hacking attempts.


15. Many members have urged me to ask you to disclose your site stats like Total no. of members, no. of upgraded members and total amount paid to all members till date. Can you provide us with the figures ?

As of 8th August 2011, WordLinx has 373,478 members. The other details requested are unavailable.


16. Are there any plans to further develop Wordlinx in the near future? Are there any changes or improvements that members can be excited about ?

We’re always making improvements and planning new features. In the last few days we’ve updated our branding and front page. You can follow our Development List on our forum – http://forum.wordlinx.com


17. And finally is there anything else you wish to say which I have not covered in this interview ?

Thank you for this opportunity to discuss our site. We’d also like to thank all our members and advertisers for making WordLinx what it is today; a strong and stable PTC with a very bright future.


 August 9, 2011


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