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Procesadores de pago

This is a very good aurora with many posibilities to earn money daily.

Take online sice 2009 and has a minimum payout of only $2.5 for Paypal or Payza.

The beauty of the aurora is to gain by different ways, not just clicking. With it you get to do a minimum of $0.10 per day spending some time, and request for payment once a week.

Some daily earnings:

All it is possible due to the different type of ads, like facebook fan, ptc, ptr, youtube:

An automatic way to watch videos like autosurf:


So if we take all these ways at least it's easy to get quickly.

PTP also implemented by promoting the aurora:


And with the points obtained can buy packs of advertising and even memberships.

With clickexchange also gives awards:

And now a trick to gain still faster, it's very cheap to buy a yearly membership $5 so that you can access higher ads and more quantity. This membership in 2 months is easily recovered it being active, also without referrals.

Every 10-14 days being active i can processa  minimum payment of $1 and it takes one to three days to receive it.

It is certainly more than a very good choice.

Last payment:



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