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PTC paying for Paypal and Alertpay since February 2007.
It has 8 levels of referrals!

What I like about this PTC which has been 5 years paying without fail, not the business of renting or selling bots, or pay with them comes from memberships, but is a real PTC pays clickers with what sells in real advertising. As it should be good!

The minimum payout is $8. As standard it takes months to arrive, so we highly recommend the upgrade for only $14.95 a year and get referrals, but without them it's also profitable.

Being premium give you more ads and other benefits, wich make easier to arrive early at payment, as you give extra 100 ads to click, equivalent to $1. PTC is paying regularly on mondays without fail and you really get your advertising revenue as opposed to others.

It charges $2 per referral is made premium and 50% of the clicks of those of 1 level, the standard charge also $2, but do not charge $1 for the other 7 levels.
And there are so many ads per day as premium...

Now I have the toolbar, and there are a lot of difference to have it or not to.

Install the toolbar will give you the opportunity to click more ads that put them at random in time, and it will advise you when they have put some new.


You also have the option of "ClixGrid" game, where you have 25 chances for standard or 50 opportunities for premium, a fun way to go further increasing your balance. Awards from $0.10 to $5.00


Last payment nº 12:



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