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Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC


This PTC is paying since January 2010, and it has quality advertisers, which gives great stability, and is what we need in this kind of website.

The minimum payout is $5 by Paypal and is usually made once a week on Tuesday or Sunday. Has one level of referrals by 10%.

It is simple to reach the minimum, even several times a month without referrals, all you need is that when you are connected, be aware of new ads that appear.

Now comes the interesting, and how can be done? Very simple, i'll give you some tips to get it. The grace of this PTC is that you have multiple ads without limit, and our goal is to click all or almost all. 

This is the first, use the toolbar that lets you know the ads that appear.

The following is the type of ads displayed:

    Targeted Ad: You must click a link within the new page will appear.

    Standard Ad: You must wait 10 seconds on the page that appears.

You can click one by one, or open them in new tabs at same time to go faster.

If you respect this will not have problems, but you can give a warning, and with 5 cancel your account. But calm because if you mess up, the next day it cleared.


But if you still want to go faster, there is a legal trick, but many people do not like using it.

It is valid to use an addon with mozilla firefox browser, called check4change (you can find on google, it's free), it refresh automatically the browsed ads with programed time to advise you quickly, many times faster than toolbar.


Example of the options settings and values in the boxes.

And finally, select the highlighted text where ads appear, and the right to check every 30 seconds, which is the minimum refresh allowing page.


Perfect, everything is ready, you just have to wait and the ads will be appearing. You can leave this logiptc tab and continue browsing elsewhere.

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